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Regulations of Kuleni Game Park

  1. The speed limit within Kuleni Game Park is 20km/h.

  2. DO NOT FEED any animals. Please remember that the animals are wild therefore unpredictable. Keep a fair walking distance from them at all times.

  3. Feel free to walk along the parks roads and walking trails but please take note of the “NO ENTRY" signs and do not enter any other lodges.

  4. Please stay on the roads when driving a car. Do not  deviate from the road at any time and please take note of the “NO ENTRY" signs. Should you wish to park and walk, please park your car slightly off the road so that it does not disrupt any other traffic.

  5. NO loud noise at any time. 

  6. Please be considerate when using water.

  7. Please be aware of dung beetles that are often found on the road and please avoid them wherever possible.

  8. Fee free to cycle within the park, keeping to the roads and walking trails at all times.

  9. We have warthog which roam the property, do not be alarmed if they are under the units but also remember that they seem tame yet they can also be very aggressive.

  10. Please be careful around the swimming pools. NB: the decks are slippery when wet.

  11. Should you and any injured or dead animals please be sure to report it to management as soon as possible.

  12. Please note that there is 24hr security that patrols the property.

  13. The gate will be locked between the hours of 22h30 and 05h00. Should you need to travel between those hours, kindly let us know so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

  14. We have regular power failures in this area. We will be in contact with you, keeping you informed of the progress from Eskom.

  15. No walking in the park after dark Should there be a problem at the lodge please contact the lodge owner or for emergencies the park manager.

We hope you have a wonderful experience at Kuleni Game Park.

The Trustees of the Body Corporate.

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